Semi-autobiographical Meanderings



Fathers and Bisons (1996)

I mentioned it once but I think I got away with it (1999)

What is truth (1999)

Calvin and Hobbies  (1999)

Earthbound (1996)



Front Bottoms (2002)

Initiations (1993)

Come, Gentle Bombs (1998)

Discipline and Punish (1996)

Radio Daze (1995)



Peculiar People (1999)


Unemployed in Tooting Bec With Nothing to Do But Post Crap on My Webpage

Tooting Regained (1994)

I Deal in Reality (1994)

A Day in the Life (1994)


More or Less Present Day

Notes From the Asylum (1996)

Even thee's a little bit queer (1996)

A Piece of of Self-Indulgent Garbage(1996)

What I did on my holdiay: (1) Flush Urinals. (1997)

What I did on my holiday: (2) Next Stop, the Abyss. (1997)

Why I haven't Written Anything Recently (1998)

High Noon (2000)

Semiotics (2000)

And it's a hard rain's a-gonna fall (2000)

Hell's Teeth (2002)