Let's get this straight

Kid gets stabbed on housing estate. everyone agrees that this is a terrible tragedy. all the politicos says something should be done.

Jack Straw says its because there are no communities any more and he is going to rebuild them by making the pubs close early and imposing curfews on ten year olds

Anne Widdecomb says its because of drugs and a lack of discipline (i.e beatings) in school

The Daily Mail leader writers says its the fault of unmarried mothers

David Blunkett, who okay's just thick said it was the fault of Who Wants to be a Millionaire, but not the lottery obviously. (I mean we laugh at George Dubya Bush because he said "the future will be better tomorrow" but is there a single Bushism which could possibly compete with this for sheer lobotomised stupidity?)

Every single one of them says that "what they are going to do about it" was precisely what they were going to do anyway, not one, not one, not a single one says "Before this happened I was going to do X, but I have changed my mind and will now do Y".

No no not one, no no not one, no no not one...

Every single politico simply used this personal tragedy as an excuse to promote the policies they already had. They used some kids messy death as a publicity opportunity, like kissing babies or bombing the Argentines

I think I feel sick.