An In Depth Review of the final instalment of Babylon 5



One hundred and thirty episodes later.

The big resolution we've been waiting for.

A novel for television.

Complex believable universe.

Thousands of fanboys and fangirls.

The Lords of Law and Chaos have been forced (er...politely asked?) to leave the universe. Our hero has been tortured. There has been a semi-revolution on one planet, a civil war on another. The representatives of two races, once implacable foes, have become allies, maybe friends. At least two, maybe three, main characters are racial messiahs, if not actual Christ figures. An armada of once-opposed enemies have battled their way across the universe back to earth. Good guys have died in the crossfire. They have agonised about fighting their own former allies. The evil president of earth is dead. Democracy is restored. And the final twist to which we have been building is that all the various races in the universe decide......






to set up Star Fleet.

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